My work is founded in drawing and naturally characterized by the feeling of spontaneity and improvisation. In a visual territory where tradition is often the expectation, my work is best characterized as mixed-media printmaking and, almost anything else. I thrive on experimentation. I work on intuition.

Inspired by natural forms and figures, my work is neither preconceived nor premeditated, and most often it is not visually referential or narrative. However, these elements persist as powerful echoes and ghosts in the work, drawing out unique personal and evocative reactions from the viewer.  I pay enormous attention to the impact of the marks and textures I make and their relationship to the surface and composition throughout this process. 

Expressionist and graffiti-like influences play a strong role in the mark-making, layering, and emotional content of my work. I am very drawn to human engagement, commonality and communication. I feel a strong connection to human frailty and planet vulnerability.