My work is defined by movement and spontaneity,

freedom and improvisation.

I think of my images as metaphors for landscapes and

vegetation, as suggested in the abstract shapes. And,

sometimes, my work invokes the movement of people.

I pay enormous attention to the value of the marks,

the textures that I make and their relationship to the surface of

the artwork. I actively advocate a sense of ambiguity when I

work in order to engage the viewer’s interpretation.

Printmaking has an aspect of unpredictability that allows

me to build upon the accidental or serendipitous,
when the press contacts the paper. In particular,

I like the monotype for its range and flexibility. It is not a

process that I can or even desire to control but

instead, one with which I am bound to collaborate and

elaborate upon. I make decisions and build upon outcomes.

This process of discovery is endlessly engaging.

Art is a process of growth. In printmaking, my next series is

often built upon the ghosts and remains of previous prints

which I then weave and incorporate into new series. It is an

instinctive and impulsive process, begging for exploration

and open for limitless interpretation.

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